Eco Cleaning 

What exactly is Eco-cleaning?

Eco cleaning is about cleaning your home or business to the highest of standard whilst making choices that protect our environment & reduce our impact on the planet.

For us, that means buying our products in bulk where possible. Choosing products which are not harmful to aquatic life. Opting for plastic free alternatives. Considering our options at every stage of the process to ensure we are not wasting water, using harsh chemicals and not sending items to landfill unneccessarily. We always opt for local where available and gradually move our circle out to source our equipment, products and services from as local as possible. 

Using a combination of alcohol, lemon juice, soda, vinegar, elbow grease and steam cleaning, most of your cleaning can be done whilst maintaining the high standards you are used to. 

We also use recycled towels and cotton cloths to reduce the impact on the environment. 

We love to talk about new ways to minimise our footprint on the planet so please feel free to message us with any queries, suggestions or opportunities to do better.